The presses of the BRICK series are planned for brick production in refractory and brickworks, with standard and special measures, both full and holed. One of the main particularities of these machines is the possibility to be personalized depending on customer needs.

These presses are completely automatic with a pressing power up to 1000 ton and they can be supplied with mechanic or isostatic mould, depending on the product you want to obtain. Something really important is the possibility to compact a maximum dept of 100/250mm.

The machine comes complete of powders carrying carriage, hydraulic ejector, microprocessor automatism and power control board.


tecnomeccanica pressa brick 600

Brick 600 press

The BRICK 600 press is designed for the production of bricks that require long runs or special tiles that require special pressings. It differs from the Brick 1000 L for lower power and the different pressing system.

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tecnomeccanica pressa brick 1000

Brick 1000 L press

The BRICK 1000L press has been designed for those who need products with very high thickness that can only be created with the double movable crosspiece . Equipped with proportional valves and variable displacement pump, it represents the top of the range for the production of bricks in atomized material , sand and refractory.

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Brick YPQ 1300 press

The BRICK YPQ 1300 press has been designed for those who need products with very high thicknesses that it is possible to produce only thanks to its double movable crosspiece, IT DIFFERENTIATES from the Brick 1000 for the greater pressing power..

Brick YPR 1800 L press

The BRICK YPR 1800 L press has been designed for those who need products with medium-sized thicknesses and with large production needs.

Technical features

Brick 600Brick 1000 L
Maximum pressing forceKn 6000Kn 8000
Maximum ejector pistons powerKn 230Kn 630
Maximum pressure pressing cylinderBar 315Bar 415
Max up plunger strokemm 230mm 500
Max ejector piston strokemm 140mm 600
Max clearance between base and pressing crossbeammm 830mm 1350
Clearance between columnsmm 1100mm 1400
Hole base ejector-mm 1250 x 650
Total required powerKw 55Kw 100
Body press weightKg 14000Kg 28000
Total weightKg 16500Kg 35000


Brick 600 press

Italian Company

Brick 600 press

Italian Company

Brick 600 press testing

Testing BRICK 600 in a Colombian Company

Brick 1000 L press

BRICK 1000 L and automation desighed by TECNOMECCANICA for a production plant in Colombia

Brick 1000 L roof tile

Production of a pressed roof tile in a French company

Photovoltaic roof tiles

Simulation of roof tile designed for the use with of photovoltaic panel

Brick 600 press details

Details of the loading, pressing and ejection phases of a brick with the Brick 600 press at a factory in Bangladesch

Brick 1000 press with automation

Brick 1000 press, handling of the press exit and palletizing with robot entirely designed and built by Tecnomeccanica

Brick 1000 pressing simulation

Simulation of the loading and pressing of ceramic products with brick press 1000 with 2 movable crosspieces

Brick 1000 for hollow bricks


Pressatura mattoni forati con stampo 5 uscite